More than 20 years of experience confirm the vocation to service.

Every day we have more satisfied customers and demonstrate their loyalty by giving us the responsibility of executing their projects...


  • Design

  • Planning

  • Projects

  • Installation

  • Technical assistance

In addition

Clide has an Industrial Technical Office of projects, support of Process Engineering for Industry and manufacturers for its areas of activity Climatization, Mechanical Ventilation of Comfort, Desenfumage.

  • Industrial Mechanical Installations (IMI):

    • Plumbing

    • Ventilation.

  • Fire protection and extinguishing



CLIDE carries out installations for air conditioning at an industrial level, both in new buildings and in renovations or in existing installations, adapting them to current regulations.


One of its specialties is the establishment of energy controls of the facilities through computer systems and programs that allow defining and setting the desired environment based on the variables space, people, outdoor temperature... With this, the customer obtains an important energy saving


Specialized in the installation of:

  • Interior conduits

  • Splits.

  • Cassettes.

  • Ducts.

  • Water coolers

  • Ventilation systems.

  • Recovery and use of heat.

  • Variable volume systems

  • Industrial mechanical installations

Industrial ventilation


He has a recognized experience in:

  • Carbon monoxide detection in garages.

  • Ventilation of singular, industrial and residential building centers.

  • Garage ventilation.

  • Desenfumage.

  • Reforms, extensions and all kinds of modifications in facilities in operation.

We face any project with full guarantee of success, however advanced, complicated or innovative.


The business units are distributed divisions, plus an autonomous:

  • Industrial works and Offices

  • Buildings and Cultural Buildings

  • Hospital and Administrative Works

  • Commercial

  • Shopping

All of them with the support of a Technical Project Office.

Among other activities we have technical support for process engineering and manufacturers to perform:

  • Cogeneration with gas turbine plus MP steam generation.

  • Generation and distribution of steam at b and m pressure.

  • Generation and distribution of superheated water.

  • Thermal fluid generation and distribution maximum temperature 300 °.

  • Pipping hot and cold water process lines.

  • Distribution networks and pumping of aggressive fluids in PRTR, PVC and PPCC.

  • Storage and distribution of liquid fuels.

  • Radiant heating to large areas and refreshing underfloor heating.


As a guarantee of trust and good work for its clients, a standard of its collaborator is the carrying out of preliminary tests and internal quality control prior to the delivery of their works, in order to ensure the proper functioning of the facilities, collated through of the Commissioning Department and the After Sales and Maintenance Service.


In the area of plumbing, Clide's management staff has solid experience in installations of new buildings as well as renovations and improvements to existing facilities.

Fire protection and extinguishing


Fire Detection and Extinction divides its operation into two aspects:

  • Fire Detection. Peace of mind, security and confidence for the products you install and for their direct involvement through the technical team in advising on the design of the location of smoke detectors, alarms, evacuation routes, etc.

  • Firefighting. Apply the most advanced technology with the most effective systems for each building or installation, always strictly complying with all the requirements required by the regulations.





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