More than 20 years of experience confirm the vocation to service.

Every day we have more satisfied customers and demonstrate their loyalty by giving us the responsibility of executing their projects...

The company is increasingly committed to the "key on hand" award of the facilities chapter. It acts as an integral contractor of installations, ranging from design to commissioning and subsequent operation and maintenance.

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Industrial ventilation

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The technical team adapts the needs or requirements of the project and we help you to make the best and most correct solution.


We work in large industrial and building projects and also in smaller technical solutions, which demonstrates flexibility and loyalty.

Thanks to the experience in the market, we can carry out installation projects of ventilation systems with the best guarantees and the best results.


Searching and offering guaranteed quality in our services and facilities.

It is essential to have a good memory of the demand for this activity, marked by the increasingly demanding legislative changes. Surround yourself with appropriate technical equipment and top-level manufacturers, as well as increasing the needs of customers (looking for economies of scale and synergies in hiring facility suppliers) and offering a comprehensive quality service to customers. A business area that needs a team that has participated in large-scale projects and great technical knowledge.




Special Installations

We pay attention to all the details when carrying out our projects. Especially careful in compliance with current legislation and with all relevant security measures.


The team is highly qualified and, in addition, the group of companies nationwide has extensive experience in carrying out projects of electrical and special installations.

To contribute to this commitment and with its own Electrical Engineering team for supply and construction of various facilities and equipment for the different sectors of industry and building (hospitals, hotels, cpds, stations and terminal buildings, unique buildings, sports facilities , industrial buildings and hangars, etc.)





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