More than 20 years of experience confirm our vocation and service.

Every day we have more satisfied customers and demonstrate mutual fidelity in maintenance services of all kinds. Regardless of the complexity we are able to perform and provide the best service.

CLIDEMAN company of the group specialized in building and industry maintenance that bet increasingly committed to the "key on hand" award of the Electromechanical Facilities Maintenance chapter. It acts as an integral contractor. Covering from the design and maintenance plans with an independent Team that deals with the phase once the works for its subsequent operation and maintenance are finished.


Company approved and officially accredited for the work of Installer and Maintainer of thermal installations in buildings, installer and maintenance or repair of refrigeration facilities, fixed refrigeration devices, air conditioning and heat pump, handling equipment with any load of equipment with refrigeration systems of any load of fluorinated refrigerants, OER hazardous waste, etc.




Industrial Ventilation

We are experts in maintenance of integral building air conditioning systems, industrial ventilation, and the team has performed PCI and Plumbing maintenance. We always look for the most appropriate and technically and economically optimized solution, having important details from the conception of the project and its subsequent maintenance and energy saving phase.


Quality preventive, corrective and conductive maintenance service. Ability to respond quickly to any type of situation that may occur.


The technical team attends training courses periodically and are constantly updated.

We have a specific department dedicated to the maintenance of ventilation systems which allows us to have a high degree of specialization and knowledge about them.


We have the necessary technology, materials and instruments for carrying out this type of action. In addition, the work teams have extensive experience and training.


We introduce new operational control tools to reduce costs to customer needs.







Los enchufes de electricidad

Special Installations

We offer customized solutions for the technical services, commercial and auxiliary services in the area of electricity, communications, water and installations.


It thus provides a global and flexible coverage to its clients, guaranteeing the optimal functioning of the facilities and processes.

Thanks to the team of professionals, we have achieved a wide and loyal client portfolio that requests and receives the attention of the most professional maintenance services.

Our team of the Maintenance Department and its technical collaborators, integrate highly qualified professionals performs the commissioning and Integral maintenance (Corrective + Predictive + Preventive) of all our facilities:

  • Maintenance of all electromechanical building / industry.

  • Preventive Maintenance according to previous planning.

  • Predictive Maintenance based on the evolution parameters of each team.

  • Corrective Maintenance in case of breakdown.

  • Regulatory and Environmental Surveillance.

Depending on the specific needs of our Clients, we prepare "Maintenance to measure" Contracts, both for the industrial and tertiary and residential sectors.

Our response is quick and effective and always with specialized technical advice.





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