The company is increasingly committed as an integral contractor, for the "turnkey" award of the facilities chapter.

It acts as an integral contractor of installations, ranging from design to commissioning and subsequent operation and maintenance.

We offer solutions in integral climatization of buildings thought exclusively for your particular case. We carry out a preliminary study of the situation to carry out industrial climatization projects with all the guarantees.

We always find the best solutions related to electromechanical installations, industrial climatization, ventilation, electricity and special installations. We are experts in the treatment of cold and heat air conditioning, so whatever the need or requirement of your project in Clide, we can help you make the best and most correct solution.

Preventive, corrective and quality conductive maintenance service. It is vital for the proper functioning of the facilities, so they need a technically solvent preventive and corrective maintenance service, with an ability to respond quickly to any type of situation that may occur.
Customers can choose the modality that best suits their needs. In the conductive maintenance our professionals remain "in situ" controlling the good functioning of the installation.

Improving the energy efficiency of buildings generates environmental benefits, decreases energy expenditure and improves comfort.

We analyze each case in depth, studying the state of the installation and assessing both technically and economically the best measures for each building.

We offer clients personalized treatment and a team of highly qualified professionals,

prepared to respond to any incident that may happen at any time, every day of the year.





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